Cognitive Ability Assessments

Test ability to learn, apply new knowledge, and solve problems. Increase Quality of Hire While Fighting Bias.

Why assess Cognitive Ability with TMA?

Cognitive ability is the strongest predictor of job success for all employment levels across industries. It helps to gain an understanding of the candidate’s ability to learn, apply new knowledge, and solve problems. Using cognitive ability assessments leads to increased quality of hire and, in the end, improves your company’s bottom line.

Spatial Perception Assessment

The assessment “Spatial Perception” consists of 15 questions. In this assessment, a series of logical sequences is presented. The candidate has to determine whether a figure logically belongs to the series.

Linguistic Perception Assessment

TThe assessment “Linguistic Perception” consists of 20 questions. In this assessment, the candidate will see a combination of two words that relate to each other according to a certain logical pattern. This is what we call language analogies. Under language analogies, we mean the ability of the candidate to really understand his language. Recognizing analogies under time pressure is an indicator for a high logical language understanding.

Numerical Perception

The assessment “Numerical Perception” consists of 26 series of numbers that are arranged according to a numerical order. The candidate should determine that pattern by using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Sometimes two or more calculations can be used in the series at the same time. The series must be continued with one number. The candidate must select an answer to every question. This assessment appeals to both the ‘fluid’ and ‘crystallized’ intelligence. The assessment has a predictive value for activities for which numerical understanding, abstract thinking and analytical skills are important.

Calculating Ability Assessment

The assessment “Calculating Ability” consists of 39 math problems with five alternative answers. The problems include addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication.Speed is of great importance in this assessment. The math problems begin relatively easy and increase in difficulty. First of all, the assessment measures mathematical relations, on the one hand, and the ability to deal with numbers, on the other hand.

Technical Perception Assessment

The assessment “Technical Perception” consists of 15 questions and measures to what extent the candidate is able to solve technical or physical problems under time pressure. This assessment is specifically designed for technical functions.

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FAQ about Cognitive Ability Assessment

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